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Java support comes shipped with Emacs in the form of java-mode.

List of notable Java modes

  • malabar-mode is a Java mode which was originally by Espen Wiborg. It has Maven integration, JUnit integration, support for Java generics, simple refactoring support and more. (no longer maintained)
  • JDEE, Java Development Environment for Emacs, has intelligent Java code completion among other things. (jdee is currently maintained on github)
  • java-mode provides basic Java 1.4 syntax highlighting.
  • emacs-eclim communicates with the eclim plugin in Eclipse to get a headless Eclipse instance do the heavy-lifting of completion, simple refactoring, building, and code navigation when editing files in Emacs.
  • meghanada-emacs aims to help with Gradle and Maven, code completion, jumping to declarations and more. It's based on meghanada-server written in Java, for JDK >= 1.8.

Language Server Protocol (lsp-mode)

lsp-mode is a client to Microsoft's LSP. It aims to provide IDE-like experience by providing optional integration with the most popular Emacs packages like company, flycheck and projectile.

It is reported to work well for Java projects, you should check it out !

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