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Description A client to the Language Server Protocol
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Part of Emacs no

emacs-lsp is an Emacs client/library for the Language Server Protocol.

It aims to provide IDE-like experience by providing optional integration with the most popular Emacs packages like company, flycheck and projectile.

  • Non-blocking asynchronous calls
  • Real-time Diagnostics/linting (via builtin flymake when Emacs > 26 or flycheck/lsp-ui)
  • Code completion - using company-lsp or builtin completion-at-point
  • Hovers - using lsp-ui
  • Code actions - using lsp-execute-code-action or lsp-ui
  • Code outline - using builtin imenu or helm-imenu
  • Code navigation - using builtin xref
  • Code lens (references/implementations) - using builtin xref
  • Highlights
  • Formatting
  • Debugger - dap-mode
  • Helm integration - helm-lsp
  • Treemacs integration - lsp-treemacs


It is in MELPA:

   M-x package-install [RET] lsp-mode [RET]

See also


Eglot is an alternative minimal LSP implementation.