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: [[:Category:WikEmacs Contributor]]
: [[:Category:WikEmacs Contributor]]
: [[:Category:User Role|Other]]
: [[:Category:User Role|Other]]
== Text editing in Emacs ==
* [[ Search and replace ]]
** [[ Incremental Search ]]
** [[ Regexp Search ]]
* [[ Undo and redo ]]
* [[ Spell check ]]
* [[ International Users ]]
* [[ Remote Editing ]] via FTP, ssh, etc.
* [[ Emacs server ]] and emacsclient
* [[ Registers ]]
* [[ Bookmarks ]]
* [[ Rectangles ]]
== Automation in Emacs ==
== Automation in Emacs ==

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WikEmacs (pronounced wikimacs) collects useful resources for working with GNU Emacs. It is intended as a next generation alternative to the traditional EmacsWiki. You can call it A Community Maintained Emacs Wiki.

WikEmacs News

We need more WikEmacs Contributors.

Emacs News

The latest stable release of Emacs is Emacs-23.4. The next major release is Emacs-24.1 and is in Pretest stage.

Emacs is available on all popular Operating Systems including GNU/Linux, OSX and Windows. It supports a variety of programming languages.

Explore this wiki using one of these trails.

What is your comfort level with Emacs?
Vim User
What do you want to accomplish now?
Install Or Upgrade
Customize Emacs
Tweak Key Bindings
Learn more Emacs (Tutorials)
What do you use Emacs for?
Text Editing
Document authoring
Getting Organized
How do you involve yourself with the community?
Category:Emacs User
Category:Emacs Contributor
Category:WikEmacs Contributor

Automation in Emacs

Configuring Emacs


  • Completion and selection
    • Ido: Interactively do things
    • Helm: incremental completion and selection (formerly Anything)
    • Icicles
    • Abbrev and dabbrev
    • Auto-complete and hippie-expand
    • YaSnippet

Typesetting, Document Markup and Document Creation in Emacs

Emacs supports a wide range of Markup languages to help you in your workflow of document creation.


Web browsing

See also Workflow:Browsing

Shells and terminal emulation

Within Emacs you can interact with various shells and other command-line/text-mode programs running as a sub-process within an Emacs terminal emulator:

eshell is a shell (not a terminal emulator, nor a process hosted in one) written in pure Emacs Lisp . It is very powerful, flexible and customizable, but poorly documented at time of writing.

Emacs itself is fully functional either in a terminal or a windowing system. Some keystrokes available under window systems may not work in a terminal and vice versa.


Security and cryptography

Getting Involved

  • IRC Channel

Contributing to Emacs

Niche Uses

Popular Culture and Community

Real Programmers
Try M-x butterfly on your Emacs right now and unleash it's powers.
  • Adding Emacs-style key bindings to other programs and operating systems.
  • St Ignucius and the Church of Emacs
  • Saving the world from vi