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What does Emacs offer to program in Nim ?

nim-mode - syntax highlighting, completion

nim-mode (in MELPA) is a major mode to edit Nim code. It features:

  • syntax highlighting
  • auto-completion (with or without company-mode)
  • asynchronous linting (using the general nimsuggest tool)
  • jump to definition
  • info into the minibuffer

inim - integration with the inim REPL

inim-mode adds a layer of interaction with the inim REPL.

ob-nim - org-mode integration

ob-nim adds support for evaluating Nim source code blocks in Org.

See also

dealing with indentation

Nim is an indentation-aware language. Some Emacs modes and packages offer some conveniences:

  • indent-guide to show visible indent levels or the built-in M-x highlight-indentation-current-column-mode.
  • indent-tools (in melpa) offers some commands to deal with indentation: indent the current block of indentation at once, comment/delete/fold it, and more.