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Description GTD and document authoring package/markup language
Author name of author
Maintainer Bastien
Part of Emacs yes (likely be out of date)

Org is an Emacs mode for keeping notes, maintaining TODO lists, project planning, outlining, and authoring with a fast and effective plain-text system. Org Mode is simple enough to start using right away, but provides tons of advanced features to support a wide variety of tasks and workflows.

Org-Mode is distributed with Emacs (since Emacs 22.2). This project is under active development and new releases are often available.


  • Simple plain text markup for hierarchical documents.
  • Built-in table editor: easily format tables and work with spreadsheets in plain text.
  • Extensible hyperlinking: create cross-references, link to external resources, and more.
  • Capture system: create templates to quickly capture and file notes and tasks.
  • Sequences of TODO-style keywords for task progress tracking.
  • Tags, priorities and properties to categorize, sort, filter, and search.
  • Custom project views using Org's Agenda.
  • Convenient date/time handling for timestamps, deadlines, and scheduling.
  • Clock support to track time spent on projects.
  • Export from plain-text to a variety of formats (HTML, LaTeX, DocBook, etc).
  • Embedded source blocks: edit code blocks in-line with the appropriate mode. Execute code blocks to generate content. Org can even be used for literate programming.
  • Mobile support providing a subset of Org capabilities on iOS and Android devices.

External Links

The Org-Mode project maintains excellent documentation and has an active community.