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Default modes

There are a number of python modes for Emacs. fgallina's python.el is the python.el included in Emacs 24.2 and onwards.

External extensions

rope & ropemacs

rope is a library for refactoring and manipulating Python code. ropemacs is an Emacs interface to the rope library.

rope homepage

ropemacs homepage


flymake is a on-the-fly syntax checker for Emacs. We can use it alongside with flyspell.

To run pep8, pylint, pyflakes and unit-tests (with nose), you can be interested in using flymake-python.


Pymacs is an Emacs extension that enables the use of Python alongside with Emacs Lisp.

Pymacs homepage


emacs-for-python is a bundle of the above modes (and more), and it's an easy way to turn Emacs into a Python IDE.

emacs-for-python at github

Ipdb, ipython debugger

If you call ipdb, the execution will stop and give a nice ipython-looking prompt. Just add `import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()`

You can use the following to highlight this line, and not forget it :

; Highlight the call to ipdb
; src
(defun annotate-pdb ()
  (highlight-lines-matching-regexp "import ipdb")
  (highlight-lines-matching-regexp "ipdb.set_trace()"))
(add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'annotate-pdb)

pdb track

If you use emacs-for-python given above, you can track your source code while debugging with pdbtrack.

A tool to use in a non-emacs terminal would be pdbpp

See also

You'll be certainly interested in :

Magit, a git interface

Emacs + git is magic : magit

Yasnippet, a template system


ELPA packages

If you're running Emacs 24, check out some ELPA packages:

M-x list-packages
and see flymake-pyhon-pyflakes, flymake-shell, virtualenv, abl-mode (a python TDD minor-mode), jedi (a python auto-completion for emacs), nose (easy python test-running in emacs), pyregexp, python-magic and more.