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Emacs registers are compartments where you can save text, rectangles, positions, and other things for later use. Once you save text or a rectangle in a register, you can copy it into the buffer once, or many times; once you save a position in a register, you can jump back to that position once, or many times.
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== Naming convention ==
There are 62 registers, each with a single character for a name:
* from a to z
* from A to Z, different from a to z
* from 0 to 9
== Functions ==
A register can store a position, a piece of text, a rectangle, a number, a window configuration, or a file name, but only one thing at any given time. Whatever you store in a register remains there until you store something else in that register.
== How to use ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Type
! How to save
! How to use
! Other useful command
|C-x r <SPC> '''r'''
|''jump:'' C-x r j '''r'''
|C-x r s '''r'''
|''insert:'' C-x r i '''r'''
| m-x append-toregister <RET> '''r'''; m-x prepend-to-register <RET> '''r'''
|C-x r r '''r'''
|''insert:'' C-x r i '''r'''
|Window Config
|C-x r w '''r'''
|''restore:'' C-x r j '''r'''
|''save all frame's window:'' C-x r f '''r'''
|C-u number C-x r n '''r'''
|''insert:'' C-x r i '''r'''
|''increment:'' C-x r + '''r'''
| File
| (set-register ?z '(fine . name))
| ''jump:'' C-x r j '''r'''
* To see what register r contains, use M-x view-register
== Bookmark ==
[[Bookmarks]] can be thought as register with a long name and surviving between Emacs session.
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