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<!--Summary Infobox -->
<!--Summary Infobox -->
| Title                 = '''Emacs Package''': {{{name|package name}}}
| Name                 = '''Emacs Package''': {{{name|package name}}}
| label1  = Description
| label1  = Description
| data1  = {{{description|simple one line description}}}
| data1  = {{{description|simple one line description}}}

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What the template looks like

Description simple one line description
Maintainer name of maintainer


This template is used for adding a Emacs Packages to the wiki and formating a nice bit of boiler plate and auto-categorisation. Parameters include:

  • name - Name of package
  • description - One line description
  • maintainer - The maintainer
  • (optional) in_emacs - When the package was included in emacs
  • source - Where the source code lives

For example: ! Not an Emacs extension, a browser extension !

|name=Edit with Emacs
|description=Edit text areas via Chrom(ium) browsers
|maintainer=Alex Bennée