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|Development status=active
|Development status=active

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Description Wanderlust is an e-mail client especially suited to IMAP.
Author name of author
Maintainer name of maintainer
Source https://github.com/wanderlust/
Part of Emacs no
El-Get wanderlust


Wanderlust is an in-Emacs mail reading application intended for use with IMAP.

Unfortunately, it is very poorly documented (at least in English) and the Wanderlust home page, at [1], has not been maintained in many years. Development appears to take place almost entirely within various informal github repositories. A full list of packages needed to run Wanderlust includes:





Wanderlust is available in MELPA and in El-get (though it doesn't seem to be able to checkout the repository).


Installation from ELPA seems to be problematic, because of the flim package. See more at http://gelvaos.blogspot.com/2010/11/emacs-elpa-and-wanderlust.html