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Description Programmable Web Hotlist
Author Neil W. Van Dyke
Maintainer Unknown
Source http://www.neilvandyke.org/webjump/
Part of Emacs yes

Webjump is a programmable Web hotlist facility that uses Emacs completion to select a hotlist item and can prompt for query and option parameters.

You can invoke it with M-x webjump, and you will be immediately given a list of sites you may want to reach (some notable examples are the EmacsWiki and search sites like DuckDuckGo and Google.)


To add WikEmacs and the Emacs StackExchange site:

 (setq webjump-sites
       (append '(
                 ("WikEmacs" . [simple-query "www.wikemacs.org"
                 ("Emacs SE"   . [simple-query "emacs.stackexchange.com"