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Start with http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Wikitext_examples if you are new to MediaWiki markup.


  • Articles should be geared only towards the current and future versions of Emacs (currently 23 and 24) for maintainability's sake. Mentions of older Emacs versions should be as few as possible.
  • Articles should not copy Emacs's or extension's official documentation - they should refer to it instead. An overview, some nice pointers, tips and links.
  • Comments and questions should go to an article's discussion page. Always sign your comments with the ~~~~ special syntax after them, otherwise the discussion will be hard to follow.


There are templates defined for referencing variables, function, command, keys, manual etc. Use them for uniform experience. See Templates.


There are special categories defined for Operating system, Emacs releases, Programming languages etc. Use these when possible or introduce new ones as required. See Special:Categories.