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WikEmacs:Scratch Buffer - Do whatever you want with this scratch buffer. Whatever you do here, is not permanent.

For example, to create a new page type something here WikEmacs:Scratch Buffer and follow that link.

cc is a wonderful mode which does wonderful things.

Basic setup

Install these third party libraries or read this section before proceeding.

Helpful keybindings

[C-x C-c]
Quit Emacs.
[C-x C-s] (or M-x save-buffer)
Save buffer.

Common Customization

Customization 1

(message "This stuff will go in your .emacs")






Emacs-23 is not as great as Emacs-24. You will have these problems and you can workaround it this way.

Recommended Reading

Project Pages

Tutorial Pages

Emacs as commit message editor
Tips for setting up Emacs as Bazaar commit editor.