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Clojure programming in Emacs is well supported by a combination of the excellent clojure-mode, paredit-mode and CIDER, the Clojure IDE and REPL for Emacs.

See also Lisp_editing for other lisp plugins, like the excellent Parinfer.


CIDER is now the de-facto Clojure IDE on Emacs.

It is a great alternative to the now deprecated combination of swank-clojure and SLIME. You'll find detailed instructions on setting them up in clojure-mode's README.

You can see videos, like this one: getting started with Cider.


Helm-cider: a Helm interface to CIDER. Browse symbols, namespaces and documentation.

It is in Melpa.


Helm-clojure is an earlier project with similar ideas (see the gif inside).

Startup kits

Most Starter Kits come bundled with Clojure support.

See also


Use cider-spy to send code snippets and text exchanges to each other etc, as well as EMACS bookmarks.

Clojure snippets

yasnippet snippets for clojure (in MELPA).

4Clojure questions

With 4clojure, Open and evaluate 4clojure questions.

AC complete

ac-cider is a completion source for Emacs auto-complete package that uses CIDER (and Compliment) as candidates provider.


clj-refactor is a collection of simple clojure refactoring functions. Available in Marmalade and MELPA.

Cheat sheet

The clojure cheat sheet for emacs packaged into an easy, fast, searchable, offline form.

Typed Clojure mode

The official Typed Clojure Emacs minor mode.