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Egg (Emacs got Git) was forked from Magit and has developed independently since 2008. Egg has built-in blame-mode that can relocate the blamed commit back into the DAG view (log-buffer). Normally unreachable commits in the reflogs can also be brought back into the DAG view, making refs recovery error-proof. Egg supports interactive rebase by marking directly on commits (to be picked, edited or squashed) in the DAG view. Egg also has extensive support for pickaxing (only showing the diffs with the search term, highlighting the search term, etc.) The default colours are terrible but can all be customized.

Egg provide Git's functionalities via 3 components:

  • the minor mode to perform git's operation on the file of the current buffer. The minor mode also has two ancillary modes:
    • the blame mode: where block of lines are point the finger at the last commit that modified them.
    • the inline-diff mode: where fine-grain sub-hunks can be moved back-n-forth between the index and the work-tree's file.
  • the status buffer: this buffer provide commands to deal primarily with the work-tree, the index and HEAD. Operations such as stashing WIPs are performed in this buffer.
  • the log buffer: this buffer provide commands to manipulate the commits DAG. rebase, merge, cherry-picking, etc. are performed in this buffer.