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I must say, as substantially as I enoyjed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a whileЧто-то красивой темы ни одной не нашел) Остаюсь пока на своей;;;;; Цвета(setq default-frame-alist ( ;;(cursor-color . Firebrick ) (cursor-color . Its as if you had a wonderful grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readersWhite ) (cursor-type . box) ;;(foreground-color . Perhaps you should think about this from additional than one angleWhite ) ;;(background-color . Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so a lotDarkSlateGray ) (foreground-color . Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just heading for a gut reaction to the subjectWhite ) (background-color . Think about adjusting your own believed process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubtBlack ) (vertical-scroll-bars . right)))p.s.: Интересный блог, только оформление ужасное (размер шрифтов замого контента мал), и комментарии рекомендую через DISQUS сделать.
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