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org web tools
[ org-preview] (in MELPA) is an Emacs minor mode for org mode that automatically uses the built-in eww browser to preview the current org file. The preview is updated every time the org file is saved.
=== Retrieve a web page content and display it has org mode content ===
See [ org-web-tools] (in MELPA, for Emacs 25.1 or later).
This file contains library functions and commands useful for retrieving web page content and processing it into Org-mode content.
For example, you can copy a URL to the clipboard or kill-ring, then run a command that downloads the page, isolates the “readable” content with eww-readable, converts it to Org-mode content with Pandoc, and displays it in an Org-mode buffer. Another command does all of that but inserts it as an Org entry instead of displaying it in a new buffer.
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