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For example, you can copy a URL to the clipboard or kill-ring, then run a command that downloads the page, isolates the “readable” content with eww-readable, converts it to Org-mode content with Pandoc, and displays it in an Org-mode buffer. Another command does all of that but inserts it as an Org entry instead of displaying it in a new buffer.
=== Org-sidebar, chronological list of scheduled and deadlined tasks ===
See [ org-sidebar]. At the top is a chronological list of scheduled and deadlined tasks in the current buffer (similar to the Org agenda ,but without all its features), and below that is a list of all other non-done to-do items. If the buffer is narrowed, the sidebar only shows items in the narrowed portion; this allows seeing an overview of tasks in a subtree.
It relies on two packages not in Melpa.
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