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My name is Bozhidar Ivanov Batsov. I’m originally from Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, but I’ve been residing in Sofia (Bulgaria’s current capitol) for quite some time nowand I've started WikEmacs a few years back as an attempt to create a solid and clean alternative to EmacsWiki.
I’m currently the Technical Lead I maintain a couple of smallish open-source Emacs projects here and there (mostly on [http Empower United Inc./bbatsov GitHub], where I develop and supervise various Ruby on Rails applications. Before that I’ve worked as Java developer (Swing, JavaEE, etc). Before that I used to be a C++ developer and before that I developed Linux kernel drivers for some embedded devices. As you can see I’ve gradually transferred from low-level contributed to very high level programming - hopefully this will preserve my sanity for a whilemany more.
For more professional details - check my [ linkedin profile]. Apart from programming I’ve always been fond of Unix operating systems (and operating systems in general (especially those with the source code lying around)). My favorite editor is Emacs (obviously), my shell of choice is zsh and my preferred VCS is git. I’m quite proficient in Linux and I happen to be an LPIC-2 certified system administrator. I maintain a couple of smallish open-source projects here and there (mostly on [ GitHub]) and I’ve contributed to many more. I’m also the principle author of the [ community-driven Ruby coding style guide] and the [ community-driven Ruby on Rails style guide]. I teach some free programming courses from time to time, covering topics like Perl, Java and Ruby. I’ve also taught a few Linux courses. From time to time I happen to speak at various technical conferences. I blog infrequently on [ batsovemacsredux.comEmacs Redux].
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