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Packages to interfere with the git version control system.

Full interfaces[edit]


Magit is a great Emacs mode for working with Git repositories. It provides a convenient interface for the most common Git operations. Please visit its own Magit page.

Specific use cases[edit]

Git blame[edit]

Git-blame is a package, available in ELPA, which provides a minor mode for incremental blame.

Show last commit message for current line[edit]

This package provides a function called git-messenger:popup-message that when called will pop-up the last git commit message for the current line. This uses the git-blame tool internally.

Available in ELPA.

Highlight uncommited changes[edit]

Git gutter[edit]

Git-gutter is an extension to highlight uncommitted changes on the left side of the window, indicating wether a line has been inserted, modified or deleted, and allowing you to jump between and revert them selectively. diff-hl does it too and works with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Svn, and it provides similar functionnality for dired. Both are available in ELPA. They are Tramp-aware.

After installation, call the minor modes or enable them:

   (add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'git-gutter-mode)

Jump between changes[edit]

To jump between changes: M-x git-gutter:next-hunk or M-x diff-hl-next-hunk.


Highlight diffs[edit]

Diff-hl goes a little further than git-gutter in that it can highlight the uncommited diffs, even from Dired. And we can get them on the fly while we type:


Commit on every change[edit]

git-auto-commit-mode (on MELPA) is a minor mode that tries to commit a change to a file after every save. It can also push automatically.

See previous versions of file[edit]

It's very easy with git-timemachine. Once you have called M-x git-timemachine you'll have the keys:

  • p Visit previous historic version
  • n Visit next historic version
  • w Copy the abbreviated hash of the current historic version
  • W Copy the full hash of the current historic version
  • g Goto nth revision
  • q Exit the time machine.

See also[edit]

See also the full list of packages to interact with Github, Gitlab and others in the Github page.

See a full list and a method to install them all at once on tarsiu's github page.