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Input Methods allow you to enter characters that are not supported by your keyboard.

Helpful keybindings

[C-x C-m C-\] (or M-x set-input-method)
Switch to a new input method.
[C-h C-\] (or M-x describe-input-method)
Tells you how to enter a particular character for the current input mehtod.
[C-\] (or M-x toggle-input-method)
Switch to your default input method.

TeX input method

[C-x C-m C-\ TeX]
To type greek character λ, enter \lambda.

Accented characters

[C-x C-m C-\ latin-1-prefix RET]
Use this method to input accented characters. When you type `" u' you get `ü'. Another You method is to [C-x 8].






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Ibus mode, a minor mode, allow user to use ibus input framework directly in Emacs, with Chinese and Japnese support.