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Library markdown-mode
Command markdown-mode
Builtin no

Markdown Mode provides a major mode for editing Markdown-formatted text files.

This package is not currently part of the Emacs distribution.

Generate a table of content[edit]

Super easy with markdown-toc, in MELPA.

You can re-generate the toc, put it wherever you want and customize it.

Live preview as you type[edit]

There are a few possibilities.


That may be the easiest one. Install flymd (in melpa), go to your markdown buffer and call M-x flymd-flyit. It opens a browser window with your markdown being updated live.

It also knows Github Flavoured Markdown.

If you have a problem with scrolling the page, just click on "Auto scroll" in the browser (the red link on the right).

Or look at impatient-mode below, which also works for html.


See impatient-mode (in MELPA). It only depends on emacs packages. This package is designed for html though, but it is possible to make it render markdown. Evaluate this somewhere so you have the function:

  (defun markdown-html (buffer)
  (princ (with-current-buffer buffer
          (format "<!DOCTYPE html><html><title>Impatient Markdown</title><xmp theme=\"united\" style=\"display:none;\"> %s  </xmp><script src=\"\"></script></html>" (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))

Then M-x imp-set-user-filter in your markdown buffer, and supply markdown-html when it asks for the function. Live updating markdown!

Another filter which cooperates markdown-mode:

   (defun markdown-filter (buffer)
         (let ((tmpname (buffer-name)))
           (set-buffer buffer)
           (set-buffer (markdown tmpname)) ; the function markdown is in `markdown-mode.el'


livedown is specific to markdown but it requires nodejs packages (to be easily installed with npm).


realtime-preview.el requires a ruby package (redcarpet). Then it does the rendering in EWW, which is embedded in Emacs24.4.

See also[edit]


Pandoc is a swiss-army knife to convert a mark-up format into another (markdown to rst, org, etc) and pandoc-mode (in melpa) is an emacs interface to it.

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