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Session management allows session data such as buffers, cursor positions, global variables, windows, and frames to be saved and restored. This is often used to quickly restore a previous working environment. The particular session data which can be saved varies across session management packages.


  • desktop.el - Bundled with Emacs. Saves buffers, points, marks, history, and other variables in a desktop file, that we can load afterwards. Emacs 24.4 snapshots since June 2013 also store frames, including their desktop position and window arrangement. Works for many projects: we can save a desktop file in a given directory (desktop-save) and load it (optional argument to desktop-read).
  • savehist.el allows you to save many variables accross sessions. Activate it with (savehist-mode 1). By default it will only save your minibuffer history, but you can save other variables. For instance save your search strings by setting savehist-additional-variables to (search-ring regexp-search-ring).