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Packages to interfere with the git version control system. See also github and gitlab pages.

Full interfaces


Magit is a great Emacs mode for working with Git repositories. It provides a convenient interface for the most common Git operations. Please visit its own Magit page.

Specific use cases

Git blame

Git-blame is a package, available in ELPA, which provides a minor mode for incremental blame.

Show last commit message for current line

This package provides a function called git-messenger:popup-message that when called will pop-up the last git commit message for the current line. This uses the git-blame tool internally.

Available in ELPA.

Highlight uncommited changes

Git gutter

Git-gutter is an extension to highlight uncommitted changes on the left side of the window, indicating wether a line has been inserted, modified or deleted, and allowing you to jump between and revert them selectively. diff-hl does it too and works with Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Svn, and it provides similar functionnality for dired. Both are available in ELPA. They are Tramp-aware.

After installation, call the minor modes or enable them:

   (add-hook 'python-mode-hook 'git-gutter-mode)

Jump between changes

To jump between changes: M-x git-gutter:next-hunk or M-x diff-hl-next-hunk.


Highlight diffs

Diff-hl goes a little further than git-gutter in that it can highlight the uncommited diffs, even from Dired. And we can get them on the fly while we type:


Browse and stage hunks with Helm

Helm-hunks allows to jump around git hunks with helm, to preview them on the fly, and to stage them.

Colorize Dired output depending on the file git status

See emacs-dired-k, that does like the k zsh utility.


Commit on every change

git-auto-commit-mode (on MELPA) is a minor mode that tries to commit a change to a file after every save. It can also push automatically.

See previous versions of file

It's very easy with git-timemachine. Once you have called M-x git-timemachine you'll have the keys:

  • p Visit previous historic version
  • n Visit next historic version
  • w Copy the abbreviated hash of the current historic version
  • W Copy the full hash of the current historic version
  • g Goto nth revision
  • q Exit the time machine.


Git.el: information, predicates and actions on your git repo

With git.el, we have information about our repo: a list of remotes, of branches, staged files, untracked ones, etc, and also predicates (is there a branch called this ? a tag called that ?), local actions (add, branch etc) and non-local ones (clone, etc).

Read and write the git config

See gitconfig.el to have functions that can read and write the git config file.

See also

See also the full list of packages to interact with Github, Gitlab and others in the Github page.

Install every package at once

See a full list and a method to install them all at once on tarsiu's github page.