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What are the tools and libraries that work for Gitlab ?

If you want to see packages to interfere with Git, see its own git page.

For Github, see Github, and see also the Git interface Magit and Vc, the built-in version control system.


Get the list of open issues, reference in a commit message at "Fixes #"

See git-commit-insert-issue, which works for Github and Gitlab. It has a commit minor mode and an interactive function to fetche the opened issues of the current project when you type something like "Fixes #" in the commit message.



With gitlab we can fetch issues and projects with a Helm interface. It is also a client to gitlab's api.

glab.el, a minuscule Gitlab library

See glab.el. It's for Emacs 25 and onwards though. It's neat on how it handles the authentication (quite transparently for the user).