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I have added a paragraph with a list of articles that talk about java editing with emacs. I hope it is filled soon and gives a nice collection of emacs and java related reading sources.

Elvince (talk) 12:45, 13 September 2016 (EDT) It's a good initiative, however imo it's actually better to incorporate the interesting parts of those articles into wikemacs.

Matthias Would that not get to lengthy once a couple of articles are collected?

Elvince (talk) 16:51, 18 September 2016 (EDT) It may become lengthy, but I believe it's a good thing, because we can structure the content very well, and that is the goal of a wiki, to document stuff as well as possible. I really think it's good to have a lot of doc in one, well structured place, rather than in many blog posts. I hope that the python page, that I edited a lot, is readable: It has a big table of contents that help find what we're interested in quickly. You can also write a guick summary and refer to the post if it's big, that's a good start already. (anyway, any edit on wikemacs is cool :) )

Matthias Admitted - Python article looks good! However my level as a "Java Developer using Emacs" is absolut beginner. So the article collection I have in mind supports my current level: I collect advice and try to find my preferences. I think this is integral part of every learning process and a good wiki entry on any topic should support me.