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One of the things that need to be resolved is this.

  • When would namespace be used? When would categories be used?
  • Templates are in the namespace of their own.

It is easy to search for them. One can search for articles in a given namespace. I don't see why a separate category is needed for this?

I want the current contributors to Wikemacs to start organizing around separate namespaces rather than the current default organizing around categories.

I agree, using different namespaces would more good. may be we can formalize which things go where.
  • WikEmacs -- licence, user, and others()
  • Category -- articles
  • Tutorial -- all tutorials
  • Help -- any help material for users
  • Template -- for all templates
  • Bots -- for all bots (none is written yet by the way)
any other new spaces
-- Kindahero 14:27, 4 April 2012 (EEST)
Okay It seems we cant do that, even though we write any thing in any namespaces, all of them can only be organized through Categories. So I think we can write articles in different namespace(as I wrote above), but they all organized through categories. I could be wrong or may some one else has better Idea -- Kindahero 14:39, 4 April 2012 (EEST)

I'm new to MediaWiki, but Namespaces don't appear to be designed for this kind of grouping. Categories and subcategories seem like a more appropriate organization system:

  • You can define a hierarchy
  • A page can belong to multiple categories
  • You get a category page that provides a nice alphabetized list of pages and subcategories.

Namespaces seem like a much coarser-grained grouping. Looking at the help pages ( it seems like adding a real namespaces (vs. prefixing page names) requires a configuration change, and the only reason suggested to do so is "to hold content that should not be shown on the search results page". I agree things like templates and bots belong in a namespace so they aren't included in search results by default, but it still seems useful to categorize them. GregLucas 21:17, 4 April 2012 (EEST)