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Overview of built-ins features and packages to Compile stuff within Emacs.

M-x compile and compilation-mode

Built-in. The compilation mode allows to navigate around errors and files paths. Indeed, it highlights them and makes them clickable.

Some keybindings: (for the full help, see C-h f compilation-mode RET)

  • C-c TAB or C-c ` (backquote) to go to the next error. There's also previous-error with C-c backtab.
  • C-c C-f next-error-follow-minor-mode will automatically open the source file when you navigate around errors.
  • click or type RET on an error to go the file on the specific line.

helm-make - Makefile targets completion

See helm-make, an helm-based package. It allows to call a make target from anywhere in a project (it searches the project root) and to choose a command with fuzzy completion.