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Description Dictionary Client for Emacs
Author name of author
Maintainer Aleksey Cheusov
Source http://sourceforge.net/projects/dictem/
Part of Emacs no

DictEm is a Dictionary client for Emacs. DictEm is an extremely customizable. It implements functions of the client part of the Dictionary protocol (RFC-2229). It widely uses auto completion and provides powerful API that allows to heavily extend its functionality. DictEm contacts dictionary server ( it can be localhost dictd server or any server from the internet) to get get the information and displays in *dictem* buffer.


System Side setup

On GNU/Linux

First make you sure you have dictd server is installed. on Ubuntu following

dictd - server
dict - client installed by default
dict-wn - Wordnet dictinory
any other dicts you want

Emacs setup

Note Note: The following setup makes dictem to contacts to localhost dictd server but not to any servers over internet. DictEm comes with a nice README, find more details in that.

Download dictem and add dictem the directory to load path. add the

(when (executable-find "dictd")            ; check dictd is available
   (require 'dictem))

(setq dictem-server "localhost")
(setq dictem-user-databases-alist
      `(("_en-en"  . ("foldoc" "gcide" "wn"))))

(setq dictem-use-user-databases-only t)

(setq dictem-port   "2628")


Screen Shot dictem in action


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