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Description Yet another project management frame-work
Author name of author
Maintainer Jonathan Rockway
Source https://github.com/jrockway/eproject

Note: there is another package also called eproject

The eproject package allows you to define project definitions in Emacs which then will get automatically associated when you open files.


(require 'eproject)
(require 'eproject-compile)

(define-project-type debian-package
  (look-for "debian")
  :common-compiles ("dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot"))

(define-project-type android-package
  (look-for "AndroidManifest.xml")
  :common-compiles ("ant compile"))

(define-project-type rockbox
  (look-for "../rockbox.git/rbutil")
  :common-compiles ("make" "make install" "make fullzip"))

(define-project-type chrome-extension
  (look-for "manifest.json"))

Now when a file is opened that is in the tree for one of these definitions you will find it both in Template:Minor-mode and a buffer local variable eproject-root defined.