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What's new in Emacs 29

Emacs 29.1 has a wide variety of new features, including:

  • Official tree-sitter support
  • EGlot, the Language Server Client, is now built-in
  • Use-package is built-in
  • Better long line support
  • Native SQLite Support
  • Changing the init directory (now possible)
  • Pixel Scroll Precision Mode to get smooth scrolling

How to get it


Unofficial AppImage for latest releases:

 How to build it

sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake texinfo libgtk-3-dev libxpm-dev libjpeg-dev libgif-dev libtiff-dev libgnutls28-dev libncurses-dev libjansson-dev libgccjit-10-dev ./configure –with-tree-sitter

(On Debian 12, get libgccjit-12-dev)

make -j16

sudo make install