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Description Man page lookup integration into Emacs
Part of Emacs yes

M-x man allows you to browse the manual pages installed on your system. It uses the external man tool to format the page and present it to you in a "*Man topic*" buffer using a specific major mode facilitating navigation.

Basic usage

Man is part of Emacs and should work out of the box. You just need to enter the name of the man page: M-x man RET bash RET. To read a man page from a specific section, you can specify it by wrapping it in parentheses after the topic name: M-x man RET chmod(2) RET.

Helpful keybindings

Jump to a specific section within the manpage.
[n] and [p]
Jump to the next/previous manpage section.
Open another manpage.
[q] and [k]
quit the manpage, and bury/kill the buffer.


Since the external utility man is generally not installed on MS Windows platforms, Windows users might prefer using woman, which does not need any external tool.

Recommended Reading

External documentation