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Mark Multiple
Description Concurrent editing of multiple regions
Author Magnar Sveen
Maintainer Magnar Sveen

Mark Multiple is an Emacs mode for concurrently editing multiple regions.

Basic setup

See the GitHub README.

Helpful keybindings

If you use the bindings suggested in the project README, select a region and then use

[C-<] (or M-x mark-previous-like-this)
Mark the previous matching region
[C->] (or M-x mark-next-like-this)
Mark the next matching region
[C-*] (or M-x mark-all-like-this)
Mark all matching regions

A prefix argument of zero can be used to skip the current region.

[C-u 0 C-<] (or M-x mark-previous-like-this)
Unmark the current region and mark the previous matching region
[C-u 0 C->] (or M-x mark-next-like-this)
Unmark the current region and mark the next matching region

Common Customization

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