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Description ncl-mode for editing NCL files.
Author name of author
Maintainer Yagnesh
Part of Emacs no

NCL (NCAR Command Language) is a popular language in the field of Earth science. It processes and displays scientific data efficiently. .


NOTE: There are two version of ncl.el. One is the official version by NCL folks which contains only ncl.el. The forked version contains few fixes to ncl.el and and ncl-doc el and other goodies to be used by other Emacs packages

Basic Setup

To activate ncl-mode automatically for all files with an extension ".ncl" add add the following your .emacs

(setq auto-mode-alist (cons '("\.ncl$" . ncl-mode) auto-mode-alist))
(autoload 'ncl-mode "~/bin/ncl.el")


screen shot shows the ncl-doc-mode in actions

ncl-doc minor mode helps you read NCL documentation from UCAR website

Basic Setup

to start ncl-doc-mode for each ncl buffer add the following your .emacs

(require 'ncl-doc)
(add-hook 'ncl-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(ncl-doc-minor-mode 1)))


[C-c C-s] (or M-x ncl-doc-query-at-point)
This function does few things.
1) It prompts for a string/keyword and collects a given string
2) It tries to find a URL for the given string
+ if it finds URL for the string call the browser to open that URL
+ If no URL is found, then goes on to search for the given string.
+ Displays all search matches in separate buffer category wise. In that buffer RET in any search match will call browser for take you to that page.
+ If no matches found for a given string it leaves you there
[C-c C-o] (or M-x ncl-doc-query-open)
Use this function you lets you choose from the all keywords ncl-doc has in its database and takes you to that page.