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Description A stand-alone blog and publication tool for org-mode.
Author Sébastien Gross
Maintainer name of maintainer
Source http://github.com/renard/o-blog
Part of Emacs no


Writing a Post with o-blog

Starting with and org-mode TODO.

:tags:FirstPost, Emacs
<text comes here>

When finished make the TODO as done with [C-c C-t]

Using the default template

If one is the to use the default template without modification one has to add the following posts: Copyright, About, Navigation, Navigation Footer

** About
<about text here>

Export to html

M-x export-to-blog

Other misc stuff

To use the disqus plataform with o-blog add the

#+DISQUS: <disqus handle>

You can add links a-la-org-mode type [C-c C-l] Paste the url and then the description of the link


Read the official tutorial here: http://renard.github.io/o-blog-v2/quickstart.html