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Description Static site generator based on org-mode
Author Kevinh
Maintainer name of maintainer
Part of Emacs no

Org-page is a static site generator based on Emacs and org mode.

Features include:

  • org sources and html files managed by git (both in a different branch, so than you can push both on github)
  • incremental publication (according to git diff command)
  • category support
  • tags support (auto generated)
  • RSS support (auto generated)
  • search engine support (auto generated)
  • a beautiful theme
  • theme customization support
  • commenting (implemented using disqus/duoshuo)
  • site visiting tracking (implemented using google analytics)
  • index/about page support (auto generated if no default provided)
  • highly customizable


org-page is available in MELPA.



  • specify a git repo (may created by yourself manually or by org-page’s op/new-repository command), where org sources on its “source” branch (the branch name can be customized, the same below), and generated html files will be on its “master” branch
  • you specify a “base commit” (previous commit will be used if omitted), org-page will read changes between the latest commit and the specified base commit on branch “source”, the changes will be published
  • org-page does preparation jobs
  • publish the changes read in step 2, a change can be an addition, a modification, or a deletion, org-page is designed to handle all these kinds of changes, but since deletion does not often happen, so org-page has not implemented it yet
  • update index page of each category, and tag pages
  • publication finished


It needs just a bit of configuration, and then you're ready to publish with one command. Please read the official documentation:

Example site

The author's blog:

How is an org-page site constructed ? Check the "source" branch of his blog repo: