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PerlySense is a Perl IDE backend that integrates with Emacs.

Some features of PerlySense:

  • Conveniently navigate and browse the code and documentation of your project and Perl installation. Navigate between tests and source, and between related files.
  • Search through the project for method declarations, invocants or free text using Ack.
  • Run tests and scripts with easy navigation to errors/warnings/failing tests.
  • Automate common editing tasks related to source code, tests, regular expressions, etc.
  • Highlight syntax errors, warnings, Perl::Critic complaints, and Devel::Cover test coverage in the source while editing.
  • A plugin system for understanding custom syntax, e.g. Moose.


Emacs::PDE -- Perl Development Environment in emacs is a collection of emacs lisp extension and configuration for Perl development environment.

Extensions included in PDE.

  • template-simple -- A simple text template process library. Support for expand template when create new file or empty file according to the suffix of current file name.
  • compile-dwim -- Automatic generate compile-command according to the file name or major-mode.
  • help-dwim -- Integrate various finding document command to one command. Useful for bind a global key to search help information.
  • perldoc -- Perldoc using woman. Provide a tree view of all Pods.
  • perlapi -- Search document in perlapi.
  • perltidy -- Call perltidy when editing.
  • imenu-tree -- Tree view show imenu for the source file.
  • tags-tree -- Tree view show tags for the sources.
  • inf-perl -- Interactive perl shell.
  • perldb-ui -- A simple perl debugger user interface.

PDE is only for emacs up to 23! Check the script.


Sepia - Simple Emacs-Perl Interface, is a set of features to make Emacs a better tool for Perl development.

Its goal is to provide an Elisp-like development environment for Perl while using existing Emacs functionality where possible. It provides code navigation, documentation lookup, and a REPL.

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