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WikEmacs is here to stay. Spread the word!

Basic terminology of typical Emacs GUI Frame

First time visitors can start exploring WikEmacs. We have added lots of useful pages since the launch of WikEmacs.

We need more WikEmacs contributors. You can help the following way.

Note: First of all, please take a minute to look at the WikEmacs guidelines before you start editing.
  • Priority tasks
    • Add content. Please adopt the following approach - I found this on the web which was helpful. But it took me a lot of time to find it. Now that I have found it, I will put it in WikEmacs so that others can benefit from it. You can start by documenting Emacs' support of your favorite programming language.
  • Intermediate tasks
  • Other tasks

Emacs News

The latest stable release of Emacs is Emacs-29.1 released on July 30th, 2023. The precedent is Emacs-28.1.

Emacs is available on all popular operating systems including BSD, GNU/Linux, OS X and Windows. It supports a variety of programming languages.

Explore WikEmacs

To explore WikEmacs proceed as follows:

  • Search for or visit a page of interest
  • At the end of the page, there is a list of categories
  • Click on individual categories and it will give you a list of all pages that will be of interest to you.

What is your comfort level with Emacs?

What do you want to accomplish now?

What do you use Emacs for?

How do you involve yourself with the community?

Help build WikEmacs

The following are suggestions for articles to write, along with the page of the GNU Emacs manual which documents this feature. (Note: it's possible that an article for a given topic exists already under a different name. In that case, please ensure that the article includes the link to the manual page, and then remove the topic from this list.)