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Bazaar is the version control system used for developing GNU Emacs. Emacs has a builtin package called vc to work with bazaar.

Further reading

slightly different from the one recommended in /Bazaar for Emacs Devs/.

  • Bazaar for Git users A pretty complete overview of the differences between Git and Bazaar. Contains a couple of glossaries of VCS terms, which are probably useful to those who don't know git, too.
  • Bazaar for CVS users A whirlwind introduction to the features and command-line UI of Bazaar. The workflow described is very similar to that of BzrQuickStartForEmacsDevs, and the latter document may be easier to understand because it concentrates on introducing the workflow rather than the wider field of distributed version control.

See also

  • Git, another popular version controll system, used for developing Linux kernal.

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