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Description Version control front end for emacs
Author several authors
Maintainer Andre Spiegel
Part of Emacs yes

vc is a Version Control minor mode. This minor mode is automatically activated whenever a file is opened which is under any revision control system. It supports many different version control systems including git, bazaar, CVS and SVN etc. It gives a unique interface to Emacs irrespective of back end version control system in operation.

Basic setup

No particular setup is needed for basic usage. Emacs checks for usage of version control automatically when a file is being opened.

Helpful key bindings

[C-x v +] (or M-x vc-update)
Update the current fileset's files to their tip revisions.
[C-x v =] (or M-x vc-diff)
Display diffs between file revisions in a buffer using diff-mode.
[C-x v g] (or M-x vc-annotate)
Display the edit history of the current file.

Common customizations

Automatically revert version-controlled buffers

Since version controlled files tend to be changed outside of Emacs, it might be useful to automatically activate auto-revert-mode.

;; Activate `auto-revert-mode' for version-controlled files
(defadvice vc-find-file-hook (after auto-revert-mode-for-vc activate)
  "vc-find-file-hook advice for activating `auto-revert-mode'"
  (when vc-mode (auto-revert-mode 1)))

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