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With org-mode

Each of these modes is effectively an in-emacs application.


blog-minimal is built on org-mode and well integrated into Emacs.


Being based on Pandoc, Hakyll has built-in support for org-mode files. The only limitation is the absence of support for org-mode metadata (#+TITLE, etc): Hakyll still requires a Jekyll-like YAML metadata block.


Jekyll is a static website and blog engine. It's possible to write everything in org-mode in a single org file, as described in this blog post:

Technically, it's needed to use his package ox-jekyll-subtree and then we just need to call M-x endless/export-to-blog to export the current org subtree as a jekyll entry post.


org_reader is a Pelican plugin to write posts in org-mode.


blog-admin works with hexo or org-page and provides an admin table, presenting the list of our posts, to which we can take actions, like toggling the 'publish' state.


ox-hugo implements a Markdown backend for Org exporter. It exports to Blackfriday Markdown with Hugo front-matter in TOML or YAML.

ox-hugo supports two common Org blogging flows:

  • exporting multiple Org sub-trees from a single file to multiple Hugo posts
  • exporting a single Org file to a single Hugo post

It also leverages the Org tag and property inheritance features.

See Why ox-hugo? to learn what motivated this package development inspite of Hugo being advertised as being able to support Org directly.

See Real World Example sites generated using ox-hugo, and their sources too, in Org.


Nikola can handle org-mode files with the extension org2nikola.

See also


Hublo uses elisp to write configuration and the phases of build.

See more options within the Blog category.

org html themes - readthedoc theme

These org html themes allow to export to beautiful html in 2 minutes.