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How can we program in TypeScript in Emacs ? Let's dive in.

Typescript.el - syntax highlighting and indentation

typescript.el (in MELPA) offers simple syntax highlighting and indentation support. For advanced features, see Tide below.

Tide - Typescript Interactive Development for Emacs

Tide features:

  • ElDoc
  • Auto complete
  • Flycheck
  • Jump to definition, Jump to type definition
  • Find occurrences
  • Rename symbol
  • Imenu
  • Compile On Save
  • Highlight Identifiers
  • Code Fixes
  • supports jsx files
  • format options via elisp or tsfmt.json
  • works well with js2-mode

It uses tsserver as the backend for most of the features. It writes out a comprehensive log file.


see emacs-tss. It provides completion, syntax-check (flymake) and jump to definitions by using typescript-tools.

Error checker

For an error checker, see flycheck-typescript-tslint.


See typescript-formatter.

See also

Spacemacs layer

Spacemacs, a popular Emacs distribution, has a prebuilt Typescript layer. It uses the aforementioned Tide, error checker and the optional formatter.