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What does Emacs offer to work with Vuejs ?


vue-mode (in MELPA) is a major-mode for vue.js. It is based on mmm-mode, i.e. it allows multiple major modes per buffer and thus allows to have syntax highlighting, completion and flycheckers for html, javascript and css snippets (and now, adapted to Vue).

It also uses js-mode for javascript. You may want to check out other modes like js2-mode that have some more features.



vue-htm-mode (in melpa) gives Vue template support. It is best used with the aforementioned vue-mode.


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Also web-mode allows to mix html and javascript.

Migrations helpers to Vue2

see vue-utils, a very rough set of search-and-replace calls to transform some constructs to Vue2 (for example,

tag="{{ value }}"

to v-bind:tag="value").